Fitness Guide: Benefits of Fitness Tracking

In the last couple of years, the digital world has impacted our lives in nearly every walk of life. Rigid borders that existed in the past have all melted down paving the way to a seamless universe. The digital world presents us the opportunity to shuttle between Melbourne, Australia and Boston, the USA in a matter of seconds, speak to one or more specific individuals and get back to business as usual. This communication revolution saves a precious amount of time, energy and undoubtedly money too.

But, behind the metamorphosis are men and women in flesh and blood who have made these wonderful conveniences of life a reality. It is their fitness to be agile, fitness to think cohesively to achieve the desired goals that have helped the barriers to collapse.

Fitness trackers are among the latest additions to the digital world. For some of you, it could sound silly that one should track his/her health. Life is pretty simple – just eat healthy, perhaps diet a bit and exercise and get going with all the good things of life. If you subscribe to this thinking, you could be right – but up to a point. Undoubtedly, eating healthy, doing some exercise and keeping an eye on your diet does help significantly in preventing the onset of many disease conditions. In the process, you can also expect enhanced self-esteem, improved countenance, enthusiastic disposition and several other advantages. In fact, if you are living a healthy and fit lifestyle, there is hardly any downside to it.

Shapewear and Fitness

You could use shapewear to keep the elegance of your body, and without any problems dress what you ever dream of wearing. Fitness trackers are useful however wearing something that would keep you in shape will make you feel more attractive and beautiful.

Where does fitness tracking come in then?

Unfortunately, most of what we stated above is wishful thinking since many of us lack the patience and self-control necessary to pursue that type of idealistic lifestyle. Further, our work days are filled with chaotic traffic, parking woes, workplace challenges and the struggle to make both ends meet. An ideal lifestyle pursuits have a significant impact on your everyday life, and even when you are steadfast, the results could potentially be slow to come by and longer still to enjoy anything perceptible. In fact, the lack of ability to continuously track the outcome is the reason why many people give up on diet control and exercise too soon. Fitness trackers have now arrived to fill this void and provide the much-needed confidence in individuals and get them towards their personal goals.

Specifically, fitness tracking can bring you the following benefits:-


Writing down your exercise and diet plan and perhaps even displaying it prominently in your living area will help you stick to the plan. Spreading the word to the family and close friends on your plan is another helpful measure. If you fail to stick to your plans, your friends can make fun of you, and that thought will keep you egged on.


A broad range of fitness trackers are available in the market now, and these gadgets will help you monitor all aspects of your fitness. Collectively they are known as ‘wearables’ which also means that your effort towards fitness tracking is minimal. You simply have to wear the gadget and the rest will be taken care of by the gadget. Choose a fitness tracker which suits your needs with varying features. The ability to continuously track fitness on multiple parameters will keep you motivated to stick to and pursue your plan further.


Planning gets a lot easier with fitness trackers. You could have different goals at varying points in time. But, with a plan in place tracking multiple metrics like diet and exercise every day gets a lot easier. Further, you will also have a clear picture of what is needed to take you closer to the desired goal. Once you have provided the necessary inputs to the fitness tracker, the output is visible and available to you any time across the day and night. Every morning or before time, you can monitor your progress and make changes to your plan when needed.

Sensors To Track All That You Need

Most wearables in the market today are loaded with sensors of varying descriptions. When you are buying a fitness tracker for the first time, you may need to go through a short learning cycle to understand what is best suited to your specific needs. Modern day fitness trackers can track your body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, and other parameters. Some gadgets can even track sleep patterns including brain activity during sleep. This could be particularly useful for patients suffering from health issues like insomnia and sleep apnoea.

Freedom Of Movement

In some situations such as a medical condition, continuous monitoring of multiple parameters may be needed. Traditionally, this would require the patient to be admitted to a hospital to facilitate effective monitoring. Now with the wearable and other app-based fitness trackers, all the necessary data can be systematically gathered and even relayed to the physician at predetermined intervals even while the patient goes about his own business.

Losing Weight

Fitness trackers are particularly useful for people who are looking to shed those unwanted pounds. No, the gadget is not going to scrape off the calories. But, it will tell you the equation between your efforts and the results. In other words, it takes away the guesswork from your weight loss program.


Fitness trackers are mainly useful for a broad range of applications. Sports persons, people suffering from chronic illnesses, weight loss programs and so on. But, the readings you get from these gadgets are approximations or indicative. Therefore, the numbers that are finally displayed on your computer or mobile screen should not be taken as the gospel truth. All these gadgets work by algorithms, and different brands have different algorithms. As we all know, algorithms are sacrosanct, and no one would reveal what the algorithms are. Therefore, take the readings you get, with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, they are very helpful indicators of how you are performing on multiple facets of your fitness program.Keep fit and enjoy life to the hilt.